How to Lose Face Fat

Are you frustrated and wondering how to lose face fat? You’re someone who in the past has been called attractive or sexy, and you have a slender, sleek, or lean body, too. But yet, you feel like your name should be Alvin, with those puffy cheeks. But when you try to figure out how to lose face fat, nothing works for you.

How to Lose Face Fat

You find losing body fat easy…on every part of your anatomy except your face. You’ve never had a gut or a spare tire. You’ve never even had puffy hands! You work out by playing racquetball or going running, but nothing seems to work. You just don’t know how to lose face fat, and it has you baffled and frustrated. You feel as if you’re not nearly as sexy or attractive as you would be if you just knew how to lose facial fat and were able to do so.

There actually are ways to lose facial fat. Ever look at those models and thespians who have gorgeous, angular faces and noticeable cheekbones? They know how to lose face fat. They don’t have some “good genes” that prevent the chipmunk face. And it’s not luck. They really, truly know how to lose face fat. They do certain things that you don’t do.

What are their secrets? Well, needless to say, some of them have gone under the knife. Others have used facial liposuction. And some of them (women only) use sleight of hand called hair and makeup that misdirects your attention away from their chubby cheeks. But you don’t want any of that. You want to know the all-natural, authentic ways of how to lose face fat.

Causes of face fat:

Face fat affects more individuals than we realize and there are so many issues surrounding it. No one wants to feel uncomfortable knowing that this is an issue for them and then being asked to pose in front of the camera.

Before getting rid of face fat, you need to at least have an idea about the causes of your chubby cheeks. Studies revealed that excess fat on the face or cheeks is caused by the following:

Being overweight

Excessive sugar, fat, salt and carbohydrates intake

Water retention (dehydration and poor diet)

Genetic Inheritance

Stress and insufficient sleep

How to Get Rid of Face Fat?

Botox and surgery are possible ways on how to get rid of face fat however; these are not the only solutions to your chubby cheek problems. There are other ways such as:

Change your diet

If you’re working out and have a great body but also have face fat, there’s very likely something you’re eating that you shouldn’t. Cut out the refined grains and starches like white bread. Cut out white sugar and, for god’s sake, HFCS, and only consume all-natural sweeteners or fruits.

Chew sugarless gum

Only chew sugarless gum that uses sorbitol as the sweetener. Chewing sugarless gum like Dentyne Ice helps clean your teeth, freshen your breath, and…strengthen your facial muscles, causing them to burn off more fat.

Drink more water

Dehydration can cause face fat, in the same way, that not eating enough can cause you to become flabby.

Work out more

Some people are naturally slender but sedentary. So they still retain fat, and it’s put on their faces.

Lose Body Fat

One of the ideal ways is to lose fat from your body as a whole. It is essential to dropping that over-all percentage of body fat. Be it belly fat, arm fat, a caloric deficit is a leading requirement in order to burn unwanted fat. For instance, if you burn about 3,000 calories per day but only eat 2,000 calories, your daily calorie deficit will turn out to be a thousand calories. To get rid of fat from your face or even other parts of the body, you need to make caloric a deficit and entirely drop fat percentage through following a regular workout routine and proper nutrition.

Avoid Alcohol

Regardless of the form of alcohol such as beer, hard liquor or wine, this dehydrates your body and makes your face look bloated. Avoiding alcohol is one suggested way on how to get rid of face fat.

Eat Nutrient and Protein-Rich Foods

Consume fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fibrous foods and protein-rich foods rather than salty and sugary foods. This can help you reduce unwanted face fat.

Control Salt Intake

Get rid of foods that are extremely loaded with a salt such as junk foods, pizzas and other foods loaded with salt content. Keep in mind that sodium can also result in water retention that can lead to a bloated face.

Embrace the Healthiest and Most Suitable Diet Plans

You can consider some diet plans like the High Protein Non-Vegetarian Diet Plan for Fat Loss or a High Protein Vegetarian Diet Plan.

Hydrate your System on Regular Interval

Dehydration can lead to water retention and this can also make your face look bloated. If you want to get rid of face fat, you need to drink roughly eight glasses of water every day.

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