Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil uses are many, although this pure essential oil is most commonly known for their skincare applications research has shown that tea tree oil can be used as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral property.

There are over 100 different components in the native tree from the Northeast coast of Australia. All of these components play an important factor in the healing properties of tea tree oil.

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is one of the few essential oils that you don’t have to dilute before applying to the skin. It is a concentrated natural oil safe for most skin types but those with sensitive skin may prefer to dilute it.

These are the top benefits of Tea Tree Oil

1. Wound care

Melaleuca includes a compound within known as terpinene-4-oil, which provides its antimicrobial qualities. Due to this, among the primary ways to use melaleuca is really as an antiseptic for wounds. To deal with minor wounds, mix one-part tea tree oil to 10 parts tepid to warm water and employ it to clean the wound, or use the mixture towards the wound having a cotton wool ball. It can also be effective against insect bites. I lately tried on the extender on my small daughter when she had a particularly bad bug bite. She’d been worrying concerning the itching, but moments after putting a combination of melaleuca and essential olive oil around the bug bite, my daughter settled lower and stated the itchiness had stopped.

2. Lice

Another from the tea tree oil uses is perfect for eliminating mind lice. Combine it with a carrier oil; for example, essential olive oil or coconut oil. When there was a situation of lice present in my daughter’s class lately, I made a combination of a couple of drops of melaleuca inside a couple of tbsps of coconut oil and blown some into her hair every morning before school. I am glad to state that to date it’s labored well and she or he hasn’t become lice yet and contains the additional benefit to be an all-natural moisturizer in it on her hair. If your little one does get home with lice, TTO might help then too. One benefit of melaleuca is that it’s a natural pesticide. Put 10-15 drops inside a quarter cup of shampoo (you may also make use of a quarter cup of oil rather than shampoo, but it will likely be harder to clean out) and then leave set for an hour or so.

3. Tooth pain

I’d have loved to have learned this remedy while I was pregnant with my daughter and had excruciating tooth pains! To relieve tooth pain, give a couple of drops of TTO to a mug of tepid to warm water and rinse your mouth. It helps by numbing the discomfort you are feeling, in addition to possibly killing any bacteria infecting the mouth area. Take care not to swallow the mix, however, as melaleuca is toxic if consumed. An additional benefit is it might help reduce inflammation in individuals with periodontal disease too.

4. Athlete’s feet

Like other concerns indicated by itchiness and inflammation, an athlete’s feet can also be capable of being alleviated by tea tree oil. Inside a 10% strength solution, it’s been proven to work at lowering the signs and symptoms of athlete’s feet, while more concentrated solutions might be good at eliminating the problem.

5. Acne

Of all of the tea tree oil uses, combating acne is among the primary reasons lots of people begin to use this oil. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that help against acne. Dilute the melaleuca in natural aloe-vera or honey and employ like a place treatment. A 5% solution of tea tree oil continues to be proven to become similar to a 5% solution of benzoyl peroxide in lessening acne, with no unwanted effects of dryness and redness generally experienced after benzoyl peroxide use.

6. Eczema

My sister has a kind of eczema known as dyshidrosis. It causes small sore spots to create on her hands, plus they may become quite scratchy. I have tried personally melaleuca to help her combat this, which is the very best oil to calm her eczema. It possesses a slight cooling sensation and calms the irritation and itchiness she will get throughout an outbreak. Additionally, it noticeably cuts down on the redness on her hands. She came to me following a couple of remedies and I was astonished in the difference.

Individuals with eczema or sensitive skin should approach TTO with extreme care, however, and try out a little diluted amount first because they might be more sensitive to it compared to the general population.

7. Warts

Another of the numerous melaleuca uses is for warts. Dilute the oil with water or natural aloe-vera, after which dab the mix onto the affected region and cover it with a bandage. You may even like to try mixing vinegar using the oil; vinegar is yet another effective natural wart remedy.

8. Body Odor

Another of the advantages of tea tree oil is it works well against body odor. Place a couple of drops inside a bath, or you help make your own deodorant soap.

9. Dandruff

Although the exact reason for dandruff is not known, it appears to be associated with a particular kind of fungus. Due to its anti-yeast properties, melaleuca may possibly be an effective natural remedy against dandruff. Give a couple of drops for your shampoo and massage to your scalp when taking a shower.

10. Hair loss

Another use of tea tree oil is that it helps with hair regrowth and loss of hair. The way it performs this is as simple as assisting to unclog your hair follicles, thus stimulating elevated hair regrowth. Try adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil for your shampoo.

Final Thought

It may be exciting to start going into the field of essential oils, but bear in mind that due to their potency, great care ought to be taken when utilizing them. melaleuca is among the best essential oils, but particularly may cause sensitivity responses in certain people, especially children, seniors, and individuals with eczema, so always make certain to perform a placement test first.

For kids, use very little as dose as you possibly can. Finally, tea tree oil is especially toxic if consumed, so never use it internally, and it is better to avoid using tea tree oil for just about any dental conditions in youngsters to prevent accidental ingesting.

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