50 years ago, scientists wanted to build solar panels on the moon

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Solar power from the moon to Earth

Solar power from the moon to Earth —
The vast array of solar cells can be supplied almost unlimited of electricity on the surface of the moon and can be irradiated by the laser on the earth. The sunlight falling on a crater may produce 10,000 to 100,000 MW electricity. By comparison, a large hydroelectric dam on the earth produces about 100 megawatts. Solar cells will be more efficient on the Moon than Earth … because there is a lack of thick clouds. – Science News, June 14, 1969

There are no solar panels on the Moon yet, but scientists still see ways to exploit the energy of the sun in space to use it as the electricity on earth. In a 2012 NASA report, a bell-shaped satellite of solar cells was proposed which could supply the solar energy to the Earth, which cost about 20 billion dollars for its launch. China and Japan are ahead. China has planned to launch small solar power stations in the stratosphere by 2025; Japan has set its sights on a similar-gigawatt solar plant as energy in the form of a special nuclear power plant on Earth by 2030.

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